Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Is Toe Reading?

Toes are a manifestation of the path a person’s life has taken. Kind of like a depository for stories and emotions. The energy of the emotion changes the shape of the toes. A Toe Reader is someone who honors those stories and is available spiritually and emotionally to unlock the storyline stored in the cells of the body, specifically the toes. Your feet carry you through all experiences, it is natural, they would record it all.
Toe Reading is most closely related to heart centered Life Coaching or Soul Coaching. It may be thought of as a metaphoric experience. Metaphors and parables have been used by the Master teachers since the beginning of time to reveal truths to those ready to receive them.
We may get messages from spirit in many forms—such as dreams, a comment from someone that hits the core of our heart, a simple song heard on the radio or perhaps a Toe Reading Session.
Messages come in the form you are able to understand them and in the timing that is divinely right for you. Consider that anything, including your toes, may hold a message for you.
The toes can be considered specific chapters in the book of your life. Ten toes represent ten chapters.
Are you walking your authentic path?

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